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Eltanin OS

A free, simple, and complete general-purpose operating system.


The principles guiding this project are not new, they are basically the same used by UNIX (during its early stages) and even by some more recent operating systems like Plan 9.

The current so lamentable software scenario is not necessarily due to incompetence, it is because the principle has been profit, so the software that should take advantage of hardware advances actually stagnates it, needing much more to basically achieve the same.

Let value be given so that it can be received.


Here defined as maintainable and understandable parts, which consider the use of resources and storage (in that order of importance), aiming at the least possible use for its context.

For this project, simplicity of interface is preferable to simplicity of implementation.

The system as a whole does not aim for extreme minimalism; on the contrary, the goal is to be as useful as possible compared to larger alternatives.


The goal is to prove false the premise that has been sold that it is a necessary evil to bloat the implementation and interfaces in order to have what is expected of a modern system.

What is expected of a modern system from the basic to the top must be done in a consistent and coherent way, guided by the other principles.


A system is harmonious as the small parts that make it up interact with each other in stable and symmetrical dances so that there is a stable interface.

This implies the real modularity, which is not simply "visceralizing" what is in the end a single task, a consistent interface for interacting with each task in its proper context allows them to be changed and shaped in different ways.

POSIX Compatibility

The POSIX specifications will be considered in order to interact with the huge existing software ecosystem, implemented as relevant.

This implies portability, the absence of competition has led to the emergence of artificial standards that serve only to reduce freedom. The goal is a relatively portable environment so that it can be used as a reference for those who care.

The future does not need to stagnate in the past but for it to exist it needs to rely on it not kill it.