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Eltanin OS is a general purpose open source operating system.

Design Philosophy

The project guides itself by the following principles:

  • Simplicity - The system aims for understandable and maintainable parts across both its interfaces and implementations. Interface is prioritized over the implementation.
    • Minimalism - This leads to minimalism organically as a byproduct, rather than an outright goal, thus not sacrificing usability.
  • Interoperability - Components are designed to integrate smoothly with stable, symmetrical interfaces to foster real modularity.
    • Modularity - True modularity is not simply eviscerating what is in essence a single task, but creating independent components with defined boundaries and stable cross-communication.
  • Modernity - The goal is to prove that modern capabilities can be delivered through clean implementation and interfaces.
  • POSIX Compatibility - Relevant POSIX specifications are implemented to provide portability. This facilitates integration with the broader software ecosystem.