In here you can see the project progress and planned goals. Sponsors may vote to set priority.

Project Goal Progress
Glacies Add graphic support 100%
Glacies Add graphical installer 100%
Venus Add user-friendly frontend 0%
Tertium Port to aarch64 0%
Ecore Implement POSIX utilities 45%
Redo Implement bootstrap script 100%
Redo Implement parallel flag 0%
Tertium Finish documentation 100%
Vesper Implement compiler/libstd ?%
Simia Implement POSIX modules 16%
  • The installer is graphical as it uses Arcan and has an interactive interface, although it is more towards TUI than GUI. The plan is to port some graphical libraries to Arcan and, once that is done, rewrite the installer.

  • Simia is set in constant last priority, its priority may rise by voting or if another kernel become supported.